Published a conference paper (17 Feb 2024)
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj
, Barathi Subramanian, Karnam Yogesh, Aobo Jin, and Hardik A Gohel, “YOLO v8 with Spatial Attention and FFT: A Novel Approach to Counter Face Spoofing Attacks in Smart Devices,” IEEE 3rd International Conference on AI in Cybersecurity (ICAIC), pp. 1-6, Houston, USA, 2024

Journal accepted (30 Nov 2023)
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Anandkumar Balasubramaniam,and Anand Paul, “DeepWalk with Reinforcement Learning (DWRL) for Node Embedding,” in Expert Systems with Applications, 2023. IF:8.5 Q1 (SCIE)

Journal accepted (08 Sep 2023)
Gurwinder Singh, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, Anil Sharma, and Anand Paul, “A Novel Data Block Placement Scheme for Performance Optimization in Heterogeneous Virtualized Environment,” in MDPI-Electronics, 2023. IF:2.69 Q3 (SCIE)

Taking on a new role (25 August 2023)
Appointed as an Associate Editor of IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Magazine.

Taking on a new role (14 August 2023)
Post-doctoral fellow with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Houston-Victoria, Victoria, Texas – 77901, USA.

IEEE Senior Membership (21 June 2023)
Happy to share that I am elevated to IEEE senior membership

Journal accepted (07 Dec 2022)
Divya, Swati Panda, Sugato Hajra, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, Anand Paul, Sang Hyun Park, Hoe Joon Kim, Tae Hwan Oh, “Smart Data Processing for Energy Harvesting Systems using Artificial Intelligence,” in Nano Energy, 2022. IF: 19.06 (Q1 journal – in Electrical and Electronics Engineering). 

Journal accepted (17 Oct 2022)
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj,  Anandkumar Balasubramaniam, Ajay Kumara M.A, Nadra Guizani, and Anand Paul, “Resource Management in Cloud and Cloud-Influenced Technologies for IoT Applications,” in ACM Computing Surveys, 2022.
IF: 16.324 (Q1 journal – ranked 3/109 in Computer Science Theory & Methods) 

Journal published (22 May 2022)
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj and Anand Paul, “Optimizing MapReduce Task Scheduling on Virtualized Heterogeneous Environments using Ant Colony Optimization”, in IEEE Access, 2022

Book chapter published (15 Nov 2021)
Chandra Eswaran, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, “Big Data Infrastructure and Analytics for Education 4.0,” Big Data Applications in Industry 4.0, Apple Academic Press (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis), 2021. ISBN- 978-1032008110.

Conference paper published (01 Nov 2021)
Anandkumar Balasubramaniam, Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, Anand Paul, Richi Nayak, “Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to understand Spatio-Temporal Traffic Pattern Variations during COVID-19: A Case Study,” Accepted in the 19th Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM), Australia, 2021.

Journal published (05 July 2021)
Gurwinder Singh, Anil Sharma, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, and Anand Paul, “Handling Non-Local Executions to Improve MapReduce Performance using Ant Colony Optimization”, accepted in IEEE Access, 2021

Taking on a new role (02 March 2021)
Post-doctoral associate in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea.

Book published (08 Sep 2020)
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, Ganeshkumar Pugalendhi, Anand Paul, “Big Data with Hadoop MapReduce – A Classroom Approach,” Apple Academic Press (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis), August 2020.

Taking on a new role (07 Sept 2020)
Assistant Professor in School of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT-AP, Andhra Pradesh.

Journal published (10 Oct 2020)
Zaheer A, E Chandra, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, “A Physical and Psychological Consequences of Childhood Obesity – A Review,” Journal of Natural Remedies, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 141-149, 2020.  

Received an Award  (20 July 2020)
Received “Best Young Researcher Award – 2020” from GRABS Educational Charitable Trust, Chennai, India.

Journal published (25 Mar 2020)
Zaheer A, E Chandra, Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, “Review on Mechanism Linking between Diabetic and Obesity,” Journal of Critical Reviews, Vol. 7, Issue. 04, 2020.  

Journal published (22 Jan 2020)
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj, Ananthanarayana V S, Anand Paul, “Fine‑grained data‑locality aware MapReduce job scheduler in a virtualized environment,” Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (Springer), Vol. 32, Issue 7, pp. 4261–4272, 2020